Program Director: Mandy Leith, Media Rising

Digital Coordinator: Angela Hemming, Ahem Productions

Production Coordinator: Carol-Lynne Michaels, co-founder TEDx Victoria

Technical Director: Mark Planiden

Event Coordinator: Jill Moran

Social Media Engagement: MaryLou Wakefield, Susan Tychie, Linda Marshall

MediaNet Executive Director: Peter Sandmark

Graphic Design: Michael Rider, Rideski Creative

Logo Design: Steve Webb, Metropol

Website Design:

Volunteers make the world go round!

THANKYOU to the following folks who continue to volunteer with OPEN CINEMA season after season.

  • Robert and Susan Thompson
  • Jack Fisher
  • Bill Wilson
  • Josef Krancevic
  • Holly Pattison
  • Rita Wittman and Jim Rogers
  • and many more!

Thanks to these, and others, who have given generously of their time and energy over the years:

  • Gizelle Graton
  • Alex Randall
  • Elizabeth Wallace
  • Lorrie Barth
  • Tammy Simon
  • Carrie Moffatt
  • Aisha Sawchuk
  • Eileen Hoeter
  • Nora Arajs
  • Kevin Doyle
  • Pat Ferns
  • Budd Hall
  • Karen Hurley
  • Heather MacAndrew
  • Brian Paisley
  • Danella Parks
  • David Springbett
  • Dorothy Field
  • Carla Green
  • Paul Senez
  • Linda Desormeaux
  • Garfield Lindsay Miller
  • Zsolt Sandor
  • Grayson Walker
  • Sherry Lepage
  • Paz Buttedahl
  • Hilary Pryor
  • Sandy Mayzell
  • Bobbe Taffe
  • Erin Brown
  • Amanda Heffelfinger
  • Marion Tustanoff
  • and many others