The OPEN CINEMA Team is Growing!

This post published on September 18, 2014

As we head into Season Twelve, OPEN CINEMA is excited to welcome a couple of new players to our evolving community cinema team. Jill Moran brings a raft of arts and non-profit experience, along with her passion for local food and knowledge exchange, and Mark Planiden‘s extensive broadcast and webcast experience makes him an ideal fit for our evolving hybrid format, involving both live and online connectivity.

Jill Moran – Event Coordinator

photo of Jill Moran, OPEN CINEMA Event CoordinatorI’ve always been a bit of an information and resource fanatic. I believe in the simplicity, importance and impact of exchanging knowledge and information. Why re-invent the wheel when it’s all been done before? Just ask your neighbor across the street, or around the world.  My professional background has included working for arts organizations and not-for-profits usually in a publicity or administrative capacity.

I’m a consumer of arts and culture; I teach yoga for XL women; I travel near or far every chance I get. I look forward to being part of the OPEN CINEMA team, connecting communities and inspiring discussions through documentary film screenings.

Mark Planiden – Technical Director

MarkPlaniden_1I have over 15 years of experience working with media of various flavours. I’ve worked in radio, built a community TV station, operated live webcasts, setup websites, switched and directed live news, and I’m often called upon when someone can’t get their __________ to work. What I lack in creativity, I make up for in technical know-how. I’m fluent in English, Techlish & Geek, and near-fluent in Nerdese.

Born and raised near Victoria, I have lived most of my life right here, except for two years in Northern BC and 18 months in New Zealand. I believe that humanity has gotten itself and this planet into quite a mess and I hope that my work with OPEN CINEMA will help spread awareness and change.

Welcome to the OPEN CINEMA Team!

Jill and Mark join the growing OPEN CINEMA team who have been helping to shape the evolving Connect the Docs hybrid cinema experience over the last few years!

Angela Hemming – Digital Coordinator

Ahem Productions

photo of Angela Hemming, OPEN CINEMA Digital CoordinatorI am a creative generalist whose career spans academic, digital and artistic realms. I have an M.A. in International Relations, 14 years experience creating corporate videos for the internet and 9 years in blogging/social media, not to mention stints as workshop facilitator, event coordinator and tango dance teacher.

I work with filmmakers, creative producers and businesses to provide rocket fuel to their projects in whatever way I can.

I love working with OPEN CINEMA because it allows me to watch incredible documentaries, support filmmakers and be part of a cutting-edge community-building project.


Marylou Wakefield – Social Media Engagement

Encore Communications

Marylou WakefieldI start with the belief that everyone and every organization has a good story to tell. The through-line in my work in the arts, post secondary education, health care, and small business has been discovering and sharing good stories. My education in English/Psychology sparked an early passion for good writing and finding the right questions. Marketing Management introduced me to strategic thinking and finding the bigger picture, and my work in Public Relations solidified that it’s always about people and the conversations that matter most to them. I operate Encore Communications in Victoria, BC when I’m not floating in one craft or another on the ocean.

I love that OPEN CINEMA is pushing the boundaries of audience engagement through new and innovative technology and resources. I’m proud to play a part in the OPEN CINEMA experience.


Carol-Lynne Michaels – Social Media Engagement

Carol-Lynne MichaelsI am a digital communications specialist, organizer, speaker coach and documentary enthusiast living near the Salish Sea.

I am the co-founder of TEDxVictoria, working in media relations at UVic and I also blog for Sierra Club BC to document my year of living plastic-free.

I first came to OPEN CINEMA to see The Clean Bin Project in 2010 and I have been involved with the screening program ever since, as a social media engager with Canada’s first multi-city hybrid cinema event team at OPEN CINEMA.

Find me on Twitter at @Sea_Love or read more here.


Ellie Dion – Tech Support

Peter Sandmark – MediaNet Executive Director and Moderator

Mandy Leith – Founder and Program Director

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