Spring 2011 lineup – tell us what you want to see!

This post published on December 1, 2010

We’re finalizing our Spring 2011 lineup! We have a few films in mind, but we’d like to know what you want o see. If you don’t have a particular film in mind, tell us what topic you’re interested in….

Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee anything, securing a Victoria premiere for a film isn’t always possible (and we generally show Victoria premieres).

4 responses to “Spring 2011 lineup – tell us what you want to see!”

  1. Katherine Gee says:

    Hi Open Cinema

    I’d love for you to bring the film “The New We” about intentional communities, specifically ecovillages, to the Open Cinema Spring 20100 lineup (if it’s not too late).
    I’m trying to get an ecovillage going outside of Victoria and would be delighted to bring more information and examples to the people of Victoria through an engaging movie! 🙂

    I appreciate your efforts to bring so many enlightening films to Victoria
    (I had a PAC meeting last night and couldn’t make the “What’s On Your Plate” event – ironically, I was talking about that very subject, a school and community garden and local food awareness 😉

    In Community

    • oc-alex says:

      Hi Katherine
      We’ve pretty much confirmed out Spring 2011 lineup, which includes http://www.theeconomicsOfHappiness.org on February 23 and “Powerful” about alternative power on April 20.
      If you want to send me information about “The New We” for possible inclusion in Fall 2011, please do so via email info@opencinema.ca.
      Sorry you missed our event last night, it was inspiring and informative. Hope to see you on Feb 23.


  2. Pardon me, it’s called “A New We” :-

  3. Ok, I understand.
    I will be at the The Economics of Happiness and “Powerful” event.
    Will look forward to getting “A New We” http://www.newwe.info/
    on the fall lineup 🙂

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