January 29 ISLAND GREEN Connects the Docs!

This post published on January 8, 2014

We are thrilled to present Connecting the Docs, the first in an innovative multi-city hybrid cinema series in partnership with the Canada Media Fund.

Read the blog post about this exciting new partnership here. Download the Media Release here.

Read through the Storify archive of the event here.

Read Millefiore Clarkes testimonial for this event at the bottom of the post.

Hybrid Cinema: Connecting the Docs

IslandGreen22Screenings of Millefiore Clarkes’ NFB documentary ISLAND GREEN will take place in Victoria, BC and in Charlottetown, PEI at 7pm local time on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014. The screening of the film will be followed by post-screening discussion in both locations, and the two conversations will be connected via live stream, #opencinema Tweetchat and Facebook group discussion providing opportunities for online engagement on the issue, no matter where you are in the world. We want to connect the docs and their audiences across time and space!

Download the media release IslandGreenMediaRelease

See below for details about both the Victoria and the Charlottetown screenings and how to join the conversation virtually.

The Documentary Island Green

ISLAND GREEN a lyrical documentary that contemplates the future of farming on Prince Edward Island. It is a film that celebrates the work of all farmers, while asking a hopeful question: what if PEI went all-organic?

Through the combination of stirring poetry by Tanya Davis, intimate imagery of the bucolic island, and the wise words oIslandGreen13f some of PEI’s most innovative farmers – ISLAND GREEN offers a possible way forward for the future of the family farm.

Millefiore Clarkes’ NFB film ISLAND GREEN explores the question: What if Prince Edward Island went 100% organic? The same question can be asked about Vancouver Island, especially in the light of the impending changes to the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

It’s a question that is becoming all to important, especially with the December 2013 publication of the UN’s Trade and Environment Review ‘Wake Up Before It’s Too Late’, which concludes that organic and small-scale farming is the answer for “feeding the world,” not GMOs and monocultures. Read more here.

Find out more about the film ISLAND GREEN
Read about filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes
Visit the Facebook event page


poster for OPEN CINEMA Island Green Multi-city Hybrid Cinema event Jan 29, 2014Episode #6 in our Cinema-in-Season series in collaboration with FoodRoots, Vancity and sponsored by the Victoria Public Market.

7pm PST
Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad Street
Cash bar, pizza, brownies, and door prizes.
$10-20 suggested donation at the door.


Robin Tunnicliffe, Farmer & Co-Owner Saanich Organics; Natalie Chambers, Madrona Farm, Farmland Protection Coalition; Rob Buchan, CAO, District of North Saanich

Watch the Livestream and join the conversation virtually, starting at 3pm PST (7pm AST) on January 29 here!

The conversation has already started! Connect now via the Facebook event page, Facebook ISLAND GREEN group or #Opencinema Tweetchat


Presented in collaboration with PEI Certified Organic Producers Co-op.

7pm AST
Charlottetown Farmer’s Centre, 420 University Ave.
Snacks and hot beverages provided
Donations to support Springwillow Farms and the legacy of Raymond Loo.


  • Ian Petrie – Journalist;
  • Mark Bernard – Organic Farmer – Barnyard Organics
  • Margie Loo – Organic Farmer – Elderflower Organic Farm
  • Phil Ferraro – Director, Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd., Executive Director PEI ADAPT Council and General Manager, PEI Farm Centre Association

Watch the Livestream and join the conversation virtually starting at 3pm PST (7pm AST) on January 29 here!

The conversation has already started!

Connect now via the PEI Facebook event page, Facebook ISLAND GREEN group or #Opencinema Tweetchat!


After the event, Millefiore Clarkes sent this note about her experience of our first Connecting the Docs screening:
“It was a great honor to have my film Island Green chosen as the first in Open Cinema’s hybrid bi-coastal screening event -Connecting the Docs. The experience is one that I’ll cherish and it was a fantastic way to gain audience interest from across the country, and potentially across the globe.
Open Cinema’s bold use of social media, and inventive ways of connecting those social media portals is really wonderful and rewarding. I was totally new to many of the platforms (Livestream/Twitter) and had my doubts about their effectiveness with dealing with actual subject matter (as opposed to just superficial twittering as it were) but there really is a deeper sense of connection that takes place during the event when a Twitter Feed is coming in from across the country, when an Event Host is Skyping in from the other coast – the audience in the room gets a sense of being part of something bigger. There is an energy and an excitement to sharing a local experience with another set of people in another ‘local’ experience. Island Green deals with issues of industrial agriculture and poses hopeful thoughts and insights into the potential of organic farming. It poses the question: What If PEI Went All Organic? This is certainly an issue that people from PEI would be engaged in, but it is also an issue that touches communities across our country.
The Connecting the Docs screening allowed for audiences to viscerally see how our local problems are indeed universal. There is a great educative value in that. I hope that this screening series continues well into the future and I was very happy to be a part of it.”
Millefiore Clarkes

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