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August 29, 2008

MediaNet Announces “Eco-Doc” program for environmental short film production

VICTORIA – On Sept 13, MediaNet launches its new Eco-Doc program for filmmakers and environmentalists to realize and communicate their visions about environmental issues to Victoria, to BC and to the world.

MediaNet, in partnership with The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, is presenting a 3 week program for the Eco-Doc participants and for the broader Victoria community, with a week of seminars and workshops, followed by 2 weeks of production for participants, and culminating in a screening of the finished short films co-presented by Open Cinema on Oct 8th, at the Victoria Event Center.

We are proud to have MediaNet members and Media Partners join with us to bring this mentored filmmaking program to the Victoria community. The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria is offering its gallery space for the seminars and workshops; Envirospeaktv, the NFB’s Citizen SHIFT program, and Open Cinema will be partnering to present the created works on Oct 8th, and on the web after that. Victoria non-profit environmental groups like Capital Bike and Walk, and the Dogwood Initiative, will be providing speakers.

To sign up for the program call MediaNet at 250-381-4428 or e-mail The schedule and application form can be found on the MediaNet website (click on eco-doc graphic).

The cost of the program is $150 and guarantees participants a space in all the workshops as well as access to MediaNet equipment and editing facilities. As well, participants will receiavailableve ongoing technical and production mentoring. There are a limited number of spaces available in this program.

Contact Kirk Schwartz: 250-381-4428

(More details about the program below)

– 30 –

EcoDoc workshop schedule

(workshops will be part of the program and also open to the public)

Saturday Sept 13

1:00 – Richard Boyce – Activist Video Workshop – location TBA –
Richard Boyce has been involved in using video as a tool for environmental and social issues for many years. He has used his work in court cases, in documentaries and both environmental and street videos. Boyce is currently the Victoria mentor for and is working on an environmental documentary from the tree tops of the BC rainforest. For more information about him visit

7PM – Terry Glavin – Keynote address
Terry Glavin is an author and environmentalist. His latest book is “Waiting for the Macaws” He is a teacher at UBC and an outspoken columnist for the Tyee online

7:30 PM – Don White – Developing Basic Documentary Structure – Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, G-6, 1001 Douglas St (general admission $10)
Employing clips from classic and currently popular documentaries Don illustrates the common types of documentary structure. Don outlines in detail the method and principles necessary for successful documentary creation. More information is available at

Sunday 14 Sept –

1:00 pm Cyrus Block – Cinematography for the documentary – (tentative – location TBA)
Cinematographer Cyrus Block shares his extensive experience in the world of movie making to give tips and advice about how to make your documentary look its best.

Monday 15 Sept

7PM – Richard Boyce – Shooting from the hip – Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, G-6, 1001 Douglas St

In this workshop Richard will share his experiences and lessons learned in the creation of his documentary “The Street” and from his experience with homeless nation to give you the info you need to shoot successfully in the uncontrolled environment on the street, protest sites and other actions. For more information about Richard visit

Tues 16 Sept

7 PM – John Lutton – Transportation Issues in Victoria – Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, G-6, 1001 Douglas St

John Lutton, Executive Director of Capital Walk and Bike, and well know researcher and advocate joins the EcoDoc program to speak about transportation issues from a Victoria perspective

Wed 17 Sept

7 PM – Charles Campbell – Environmental Issues – Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, G-6, 1001 Douglas St

Charles Campbell is the Communications Co-ordinator for The Dogwood Initiative, a non profit environmental group focusing on sustainability and land reform issues. More information about the Dogwood Initiative at

Thurs 18 Sept

7PM Lisa Neilson from Citizen Shift and Selwyn Jacob from NFB – Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, G-6, 1001 Douglas St

Lisa Neilson is an outreach officer for NFB’s participatory online forum for exploring today’s critical issues and debating social change. Selwyn Jacob is an award winning filmmaker and NFB producer and plays a leading role in the NFB’s efforts to reach out to and develop emerging filmmakers throughout the Pacific region. Read Selwyn’s profile at

Fri 18 Sept

7PM Tom Shandel – Producer, Documentarian, Filmmaker – Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, G-6, 1001 Douglas St

Tom Shandel is an award winning filmmaker and documentary producer. His credits include co-producing “The Corporation”, “America, Love It or Leave It”, and more. Tom has has been producing film and television documentary and drama since 1969 for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Global, CityTV, TVOntario, Bravo!, VisionTV & BCs Knowledge Network and public broadcasters in Alberta, Saskatchewan in Canada; for Public Broadcasting System in the United States, BBC & Channel 4 in England, and for major TV worldwide. More info about Tom at

Saturday 19 Sept
Story editing one on one with Rick Searle – MediaNet, #106 – 2750 Quadra St. (Eco Doc participants only!)
Rick is president and founder of Ekos Communications and teaches at the University of Victoria. He was the environmental specialist with the former New VI television station (now, the A-Channel) in Victoria, BC. While there, he co-hosted Enviro-Mental! – a weekly half-hour magazine format program. Ekos Communications specializes in providing new media and production services with a focus on the environment and social change

Mentors and other workshops

Mandy Leith – filmmaker, editor and founder of Open Cinema in Victoria.
Through her lifelong love of film and its potential to inspire change, she has worked creatively in the film and television industry for more than 25 years, focusing on editing social issue documentaries. Mandy will be hosting a workshop focused on creative editing as well as acting as a mentor. For more information

Nicole Sorochan – Mentor
Nicole is the creative director and a founder of envirospeaktv She has worked on film and video in Asia and North America. She is currently completing an independent documentary about the insurgency in Thailand . For more information about Nicole visit <>

Kirk Schwartz – Eco-Doc producer, MediaNet Technical Director and mentor
Kirk spent a more than a decade at CBC before he found his place at MediaNet. He teaches a variety of workshops at MediaNet and co-ordinates member workshops as well as maintaining the web site. He is currently working on a short documentary (with Anne Cirillo) for the FORCE society for kids mental health. He will be mentoring and helping in all aspects of the program. (Final Cut and Audio workshops TBA)

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